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Spanner Wrench

Spanner Wrench

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Color: Bronze

Material: Metal

Adding a 5.45mm square wrench hole and a 10.2mm hex wrench hole.

It can be used as a three-way switch Replacement for guitars, full-closed hex button screw, potentiometer and other small hex nuts. And it is also can be used to pull out the potentiometer cap and so on.

Replacement for guitar bass repairing use.

Multi Spanner Guitar Wrench for Tightening Pots Switches Jacks.

Quickly fixes loose jacks, pots, switch knobs and tuners.

Tightens nearly any nut, jack, switch, collar, wheel etc. on a guitar up to 1/2 inch

Tool designed for quick adjustments of music instrument part.

Package contains: 1pcs Guitar Wrench tool

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