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speaker replacements

speaker replacements

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A: 40mm 4 Ohm 5W Mini Speaker Replacement
Category: Electric (moving)
Uses: Bluetooth speakers
Shape: round
Composition: combination of cone
Diaphragm material: non-paper
Magnetic circuit form: double magnetic type
Frequency characteristics: full band (full range)
Rated power: 5 (W)
Rated impedance: 4 (Ω)
Frequency response: 150hz-20 (kHz)Sensitivity: 80 (dB / W)
B: 5Wx2 Bluetooth 5.0 Decoder Amp Board
1. DC3.7 Power supply (dual MOS battery) recommended 1-3A
2. Support FM radio function, automatically search for radio stations and store
3. Support AUX input function
4. Support full function operation of infrared remote control
5. Support LED digital screen real-time display of full function status
6. Support USB / TF / radio / AUX automatic switching
7.mp3 / WAV / WMA song decoding chip
8. Support FAT16, FAT32 file system
9. Support 32-320kbps mp3 songs
10. Support power-off memory function: memory song and volume before power-off
11. The product board with power amplifier 2 * 5W ,it can directly drive a pair of 4 ohm 3w or 2 ohm 5w speakers
Panel key function description:
1. "PREV / VOL-" set long press to decrease the volume; short press in USB / SD / radio mode for the previous song / previous radio station
2. Short press “PLA / PAU” in USB / SD mode to play / pause; short press in radio mode to automatically search for and store
3. "NEXT / VOL +" set long press volume plus; short press in USB / SD / radio mode for next song / next station
4. "MODE" is the mode switching, the switching sequence is: USB → SD → radio → AUX: when there is U disk and SD card: the switching sequence is USB → SD → radio → AUX; when only U disk: the switching sequence is SD → Radio → AUX; when only SD: switch order is USB → Radio → AUX; when there is no U disk and SD card: switch order is radio
C: PAM8403 Bluetooth 5.0 power amplifier board
Input voltage: DC5V
Output power: 5Wx2
Audio input: Bluetooth 5.0
Amplifier Chip:PAM8403
Number of channels: two channels
Size: 45*42*25MM
Installation aperture: 3MM

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