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Big River Hardware

Spruce Wood 8-String Mandolin Guitar

Spruce Wood 8-String Mandolin Guitar

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 Introducing the Spruce Wood 8-String Mandolin Guitar at Big River Hardware!

Discover the symphony of nature and craftsmanship in our Spruce Wood 8-String Mandolin Guitar, exclusively at Big River Hardware. Crafted with the finest spruce wood, this instrument embodies the essence of acoustic brilliance.The rich, warm tones of this mandolin guitar resonate with an enchanting harmony. It's more than just an instrument; it's a masterpiece that elevates your musical expression to new heights.

With eight strings, it offers an expansive soundscape for your creativity to flourish. Precision craftsmanship ensures that every note is a work of art, both in sound and aesthetics.Elevate your music, elevate your artistry with the Spruce Wood 8-String Mandolin Guitar from Big River Hardware. Let your melodies dance through the ages and create acoustic brilliance that lingers in the soul. Order yours today and embark on a musical journey that's truly timeless.

  • Gorgeous 8-string mandolin, easy to play. Exquisite workmanship, the body is made of high quality basswood.
  • A well-built mandolin at this price is truly unheard of.
  • A-Model mandolin will appeal to a whole new group of players with its excellent construction, fittings, and sound.
  • It has a silky balance to the tone that supports vocals beautifully.
  • Best choice for yourself for as a gift for your dear friends.
  • String:8 strings
  • Size:as shown in the figure
  • Packaging list: mandolin * 1 wiping cloth * 1 string * 1

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