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Stylish Strap Lock for guitar straps

Stylish Strap Lock for guitar straps

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"Elevate Your Performance: Discover Our High-Quality Strap Locks for Guitar Straps!"

Presenting Easy Installation Strap Locks for Guitar Straps from Big River Hardware - where style meets security. Available in Chrome, Black, and Gold, these locks are designed to enhance your musical experience.Crafted from durable alloy and iron, our Reliable Strap Lock System are a testament to quality and resilience. The Professional Guitar Strap Locks system ensures seamless installation - replacing your original strap pegs with ease, without any guitar modification.

Perform with confidence, knowing your guitar strap is securely fastened. Elevate your stage presence and safeguard your musical journey with our exceptional Hassle-Free Strap Lockss.Unleash your sound, elevate your style, and ensure your instrument's safety. Order High-Quality Strap Locks today from Big River Hardware and experience music with a newfound confidence.  

Package Includes: 

  • 2 x Guitar Strap Lock 


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