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Triangular Balalaika

Triangular Balalaika

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"Discover Unique Sounds with 'The TRIGONOMetry' - A Triangular Melody at Big-River-Hardware"

The TRIGONOMetry,' also known as the 'Balalaika' in Russia, is a musical marvel you'll find exclusively at Big-River-Hardware. This instrument derives its name from the distinctive triangular shape of its body, setting it apart in the world of music.

Crafted with precision and care, 'The TRIGONOMetry' boasts a triangular soundbox, with horizontally strung strings ingeniously installed beneath the center. The top is adorned with a piano handle, featuring an inlaid bone piece that elevates its tonal quality to new heights.

The wide, slightly inclined handle invites you to pluck its strings with either a pick or your fingertips, resulting in a unique, melodious sound that's perfect for intimate gatherings and solo performances. 'The TRIGONOMetry' offers a low volume, ensuring a harmonious blend in any setting.

Experience the allure of this triangular melody-maker exclusively at Big-River-Hardware. Unleash your musical creativity with 'The TRIGONOMetry' and be a part of a rich tradition of music like never before.

  • Panel: Spruce
  • Back panel: Sabiri
  • Qin width: 39.3cm, Qin height: 67cm
  • The tone of the trigonometry: A, C, E

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