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USB Audio Interface

USB Audio Interface

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USB Audio Interface-Professional USB Sound Card Plug Play USB Audio Interface External Computer PC Phone Sound Card for Recording Microphone Guitar


Main Features:

1CH condenser/dynamic microphone/1ch Headphone/ 1ch inst input;

1CH RCA IN mobile phone recording or live input or output port

1CH digital USB sound card input,output port, support Window and IOs system,Plug and play and no driver installation is needed.

A unique low-noise enthusiast microphone preamplifier with gain adjustment,with DSP reverberation effect and high bass adjustment;

Support stereo line input,independent gain control;

Dual-channel enthusiast stereo analog monitor output;

Can through Live input\microphone input\headphone input realize streaming, recording and K songs

Support automatic dodge,singing,shouting wheat, Electric tone,change sound and other sound scene control adjust;

Live recording, monitoring,accompaniment volume adjustment;

Comes with DSP sound card function,can be directly connected to the computer listen songs,recorded songs,K songs,live broadcast function;

Support USB charging,built-in 1000 mA lithium battery,can work for more than 8 hours

Support audio function,feel free to give their own wonderful performance applause;

Full duplex,simultaneous record/playback

Built-in battery protection, monitoring charge and indicate

One-button switching,3 kinds of sound effect scenes,4 kinds of voice change effects,8 kinds of electric sound effects, 8 types of ambience sound effects;

Highly compatiblity, except large diaphragm microphone and usb port microphone,all 3.5mm condenser microphone and dynamic microphone can work with this sound card

Packing list

1 * Live sound card

1*Mobile phone live recording 4 3.5 audio line

1*Use the instruction

1*to accompany general 3 3.5 audio line

1*USB 2.0 charging cable


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