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Vintage Radio Restoration

Vintage Radio Restoration

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Rediscover the Magic of Yesteryears with Vintage Radio Restoration from Big River Hardware

Journey back in time and restore the glory of your vintage radios with Vintage Radio Restoration services, exclusively offered by Big River Hardware. Our expert restoration craftsmen bring new life to your cherished treasures, ensuring they sound as beautiful as they look.

Vintage radios are not just pieces of history; they're time capsules of sound and design. Our Vintage Radio Restoration service is a meticulous process that includes repairing, refurbishing, and tuning these iconic devices to their original splendor. From the classic glow of vacuum tubes to the rich, warm tones of yesteryears, we ensure your vintage radio not only looks perfect but sounds perfect too.

Whether you're a dedicated collector, an enthusiast of vintage technology, or someone who values the beauty of the past, our Vintage Radio Restoration services are your key to preserving and enjoying the rich history of radio. Rediscover the magic of yesteryears, revive your vintage radio collection, and let Big River Hardware take you on a journey where nostalgia meets modern craftsmanship.

  • 100uf + 100uf 500V Amp Tube
  • Dimension: 35mm OD x 70mm L (1.38" OD x 2.76" L)
  • 500V 100+100uf 85°C

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