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Vintage Speaker Grill Cloth

Vintage Speaker Grill Cloth

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Elevate Your Speaker's Aesthetics with Vintage Speaker Grill Cloth from Big River Hardware

Transform your speakers into timeless pieces of audio art with our Vintage Speaker Grill Cloth, exclusively available at Big River Hardware. This meticulously crafted grill cloth is the perfect accessory to enhance the visual appeal of your speakers while maintaining impeccable sound quality.Designed for enthusiasts who appreciate both form and function, our Vintage Speaker Grill Cloth adds a touch of nostalgia to your audio setup. With its classic, retro-inspired patterns and authentic vintage charm, it breathes new life into your speakers, making them stand out as not just a sound system, but a piece of art.

Crafted from high-quality materials, this grill cloth is not only visually stunning but also acoustically transparent, ensuring that your speakers' audio quality remains uncompromised. It's the perfect blend of vintage aesthetics and modern performance.Easy to install and compatible with a wide range of speaker models, our Vintage Speaker Grill Cloth is a simple yet effective way to give your audio setup a makeover. Elevate your listening experience and turn your speakers into conversation starters with the Vintage Speaker Grill Cloth from Big River Hardware. Embrace the beauty of sound and style today.

  • Size: 1.45x0.5m  ( 57 inches x  19.6 inches)
  • Width: 1.45m, the width is fixed.   (57  inches)
  • Length: 0.5m/pcs,Length can be trimmed as needed.for example, 2pcs Length 0.5+0.5=1mx1.45m, 3pcs Length 0.5+0.5+0.5=1.5mx1.45m.

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