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Vinyl Record Player Light

Vinyl Record Player Light

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Bring Your Record Listening To The Next Level!

Enhance the atmosphere of your vinyl listening experience with the Vinyl Record Player Light. Designed to provide ambient illumination, this light adds a touch of visual magic to your music. Watch as the soft glow accentuates the spinning vinyl, turning your listening sessions into a mesmerizing spectacle. Vinyl Record Player With Gorgeous Lights!

Customize the mood with adjustable brightness and a spectrum of colors. Whether you prefer a warm, nostalgic glow or a vibrant, dynamic hue, this record player light caters to your preferences. Create the perfect backdrop for your music, setting the stage for a truly immersive experience. The Record Player Light is easy to install. Simply attach it to your record player, and let the light transform your listening space. The unobtrusive design complements the aesthetics of your record player without overshadowing its charm.

Designed with versatility in mind, this light is compatible with various record player models. It has Multiple Color Functions. Whether you have a vintage player or a modern setup, the Player Light seamlessly integrates into your system, adding a visual dimension to your musical journey.


  • Long-lasting, Low Energy Consumption. There are 7 color light modes to choose from. 
  • Adjust the brightness and color speed with a remote control to make your vinyl record more personalized.
  • It will not damage your lovely vinyl record player. It completely resistances all shock and vibration!
  • Simply attach VinylGlow under the turntable. No drilling holes are required! Illuminate your record player with no hassle.


  • Material: LED
  • Colors: RBG
  • Voltage: 12V-14V
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