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WDT Tool

WDT Tool

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WDT Tool

Barista Stirring Needle Espresso WDT Tool Coffee Tamper Distributor Leveler Tool Needle Type Coffee Powder Distributor

  • Material:Stainless steel Needle,alumium handle
  • Color:Silver,Black
  • Size:13.5*2cm
  • Needle coffee tamper,Distributor Leveler Tool
  • Amazing assistantto distributio needle distributor
  • Effectively reduce the spillage caused by clumping of fine coffee during brewing or the creation of channel effects, etc.
  • Gently rotate stir to distribute the coffee evenly, use arc-shaped needles, Not easy to scratch filter cup
  • High-end wooden Handle, reasonable design, wider stirring area, not easy to slip out of the hand.

comfortable hand feeling and 304 stainless steel which can avoid corrosion and rust.

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