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Wilkinson guitar parts

Wilkinson guitar parts

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manufacturers :Wilkinsoncompany

Using range    :JAZZ BASS


The bridge is made by an OEM factory in China under Trev Wilkinson license, belongs to "m series",


Fits most JB style electric bass, like Fender/Squier Jazz Bass or similar bass. Neck/ Bridge position

Genuine Wilkinson parts. Neck 56mm, bridge 58mm pole spacing, wax potted

Classic tone with our new Var-Gauss technology: Bass frequencies keep their deep growl while the treble sounds are smoother but still defined

Magnet: Ceramic. D.C. Resistance: Neck 8.55K, Bridge 9.35K. Two conductor wires, black wire is ground, white/red wire is hot

Note: Our screws maybe will not fit your usage, please use your own if you can


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 WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -

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