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Uhf Band Wireless In-ear Monitoring

Uhf Band Wireless In-ear Monitoring

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"Sound Clarity Unleashed: Big River Hardware's UHF Band Wireless In-Ear Monitoring System!"

Experience a new dimension of sound precision with our UHF Band Wireless In-Ear Monitoring System, exclusively available at Big River Hardware. Say goodbye to stage monitor clutter and hello to crystal-clear audio.Crafted for musicians, vocalists, and performers, this system delivers unparalleled sound fidelity and reliability. It operates in the UHF band, ensuring interference-free performance even in crowded venues.

With a comfortable and discreet design, these in-ear monitors provide the freedom to move and perform without limitations. The advanced wireless technology guarantees seamless audio transmission.Enhance your stage presence, elevate your performance, and immerse yourself in impeccable sound with the UHF Band Wireless In-Ear Monitoring System from Big River Hardware. It's not just a monitoring system; it's your ticket to sonic excellence!

  • 1. UHF band wireless in-ear monitoring
  • 2.40 Preset channels, 4 groups (10 channels per group)
  • 3. Single gearbox
  • 4. It is very suitable for stage monitoring, tour guides, etc. Standard rack unit design, easy to install 6. 3 sets of frequencies. Dual transmitter and receiver design
  • Transmitter: in-ear monitor transmitter body size: 19 "Equipment shell size:  4
  • wireless in ear monitors for singers
  • Note: The system is mono (not stereo)
  • For this in-ear monitoring system: 550 Mhz to 580 Mhz
  • Emitter material: metal
  • Receiver material: plastic

sets of transmitters: drop all-metal design vibration mode: PLL synthetic frequency stability:+/-0.005% frequency range: UHF550-580 MHz frequency change: 32 MHz operating mode: manual setting unchanged: single tuning sensitivity deviation: 25 KHz 7 dBuV, S/N, 78dB maximum deviation:+/- 48 KHz frequency response: 50Hz, 15 KHz+/- 3dB actual output: 100 mWAF input: XLR, 6.3mm, F; headphone output: 6.3mm, F; single jack electrical Stream input: DC 12 V/250mA antenna jack: BNC jack


  • Oscillation mode: PLL synthetic frequency stability: ± 0.005%
  • Frequency range: UHF 550~580MHz Frequency interval: 32MHz
  • Preset channels: 40 channels; 4 groups of operation modes: manual adjustment
  • Receiving mode: single tuning
  • Sensitivity: deviation 25KHz, connection 7dBuV, S/N>78dBMax deviation: ± 48KHz
  • Comprehensive S/N ratio:>94 db (1KHZ-A) Comprehensive T.H.D:<1% @ 1KHZ
  • Frequency response: 80Hz~15KHz Main 3dB output power (32Q): 2x35mw@1KHZEarphone Load impedance: ≥ 16Q
  • Output socket: 3.5mm headphone socket volume output adjustment: adjust the power box when using: battery AAX2
  • Current consumption: 3V/120mA (at
  • Volume control)
  • Antenna: fixed 1/2 in

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