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Big River Hardware

Wooden Acoustic Guitar

Wooden Acoustic Guitar

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"Harmony in Your Hands: Discover the Timeless Elegance of the Wooden Acoustic Guitar at Big River Hardware!"

Elevate your music and embrace the enchantment of the Wooden Acoustic Guitar, a masterpiece exclusively available at Big River Hardware. This isn't just a guitar; it's a soulful companion on your musical journey.The folk guitar has a rich timbre change, suitable for both students and beginners. The fully enclosed knob design, the rust resistance is good and the life of the knob can be increased.

The classic acoustic guitar can play out the natural, bright sound of the solid wood. It is suitable for both students and beginners.Delivers a smooth tone for rock and roll, playing the blues, and everything else in between.The body features a 19 fret fingerboard and an easy to use tuner, with a sturdy top with fine arches.Shaped for easy control during playing, either sitting or standing up.It is made of an all wood construction, steel strings, and a glossy, smooth finish.

The Wooden Acoustic Guitar is more than just an instrument; it's a canvas for your creativity. Whether you're strumming by the campfire or serenading a crowd, its versatile sound captures hearts.Elevate your music, express your soul, and experience harmony in your hands with the Wooden Acoustic Guitar from Big River Hardware. It's not just a guitar; it's the embodiment of your musical dreams!

Folk Guitar Description

  • Premium quality wood material, bring you richer and brighter sound.
  • 6 strings guitar, tough and wear-resistant.
  • Full enclosed knobs, single edging.
  • Well intonation and sustain.
  • Material: Wood
  • Color: Blue, Wood, Sunset, Black (optional)
  • Item Size: 960 * 360mm / 37.8 * 14.17in
  • Package Weight: 2500g / 88.18ounces
  • Package Size: 990 * 380 * 100mm / 38.98 * 14.96 * 3.94in

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