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Wooden Sound Diffuser

Wooden Sound Diffuser

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Wooden Sound Diffuser


In order to produce the best quality mixers in the perfect acoustic environment, you need the best acoustic diffusers. Acoustic diffusers scatter the reflected sound ways to fix sound issues and improve the quality, clarity, and tonality of the sound.

Artistic-looking Acoustic Wooden panels provide a transparent sound with clarity. The panel is a great combo of smartly implicated sound absorbers and sound diffusers.

 PRO Acoustic Wooden Panel offers an all-in-one solution for your studio. You can treat your recording space’s acoustics by using this Absorption-Diffusion combo. It helps in equalizing the sound field in the mid and high frequencies and makes the room Aesthetically pleasing. They are also ideal for public places where the room acoustics interfere with your enjoyment. It could be your workplace or a local restaurant where speech intelligibility is compromised or the room has too much reverberation and is too loud.


  • Improve Sound Quality An acoustic diffuser works a sound diffusor- it maintains the natural sound energy in the room and removes strong echoes simultaneously.

  • The design is great for those who love both art and music. Our acoustic diffusers and our new combination absorber / acoustic diffuser products give your room and your audio some extra texture that looks and sounds incredible.

  • High-Quality Materials The design is beautiful and made of high-quality Oakwood with wood-lamination. The panels have a versatile style and can be mounted on the walls or the ceiling. The wood goes well with any interior and comes in a variety of colors.

  • Fire Class: Euroclass E


  • Recording Studios;

  • Home Theaters;

  • Music Rooms;

  • Office Environments;

  • Rehearsal Rooms;

  • Auditoriums;

  • Conference Rooms;

  • etc.


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 WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -

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