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Renovated Radio

Zenith 10S464 Console (1940)

Zenith 10S464 Console (1940)

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This gorgeous Art Deco console radio is the 1940 Zenith 10S464.


  • This is a top of the shelf, high-end radio from 1940
  • Spring Mounted gold hammer tone finish chasis.
  • "Wavemagnet" internal antenna can be rotated for peak receiption
  • Black Dial
  • Green tuning eye
  • Zenith weighted flywheel, large tuning dial
  • Standard broadcast (AM) and shortwave bands
  • All restored to original condition
  • Cabinet completely restored
  • New period speaker cloth
  • This cabinet is a classic design with amazing walnut veneers and quilted maple inlays. It has been beautifully refinished with satin lacquer.
  • The chassis is in excellent condition and with nine tubes, it receives the Broadcast band (550 to 1700 KC) and Short Wave in two bands from 1.7 to 18 MC.
  • This unit has a ten-inch speaker is perfect to hear that old school sound.
  • It has a input jack on the chassis so you can connect your IPod, phone, LP , CD , electric guitar or other audio source.
  • Organ Style tone and station buttons.  Note the automatic tuning  buttons have the internal components but are not functional.

 View of Zenith 10S464 in Operation


The chassis is a performer and plays full dial scale, loud and clear. The radio has had a complete recap electronic restoration - all the electrolytic caps were replaced with new production parts.

It has had a complete electronics tune up with new capacitors; tubes and resistors checked and replaced as needed.
The dial belts are new for smooth motor operation and tuning. The chassis is clean and rust fee. The radio has very nice reception with no hum.

We spared no expense to restore it. The radio has a premium grade 10-tube, high output chassis, and with its 10-inch speaker and is an incredible performer.


The radio picks up many stations with its built-in antenna and the wood cabinet gives everything you play a deep, rich sound.

The set has three bands: standard AM broadcast and two shortwave bands. The tuning dial is the Zenith's signature aviation-style round black dial with a green “magic eye”. The radio has a tuned RF stage is ahead of the converter tube. The audio power amplifier section uses two 6V6 tubes in a push-pull circuit, providing plenty of power to drive the 10-inch electrodynamic speaker. This is a sign of a high-quality design.

Cabinet – The cabinet got a complete restoration and several upgrades. We stripped the original shellac and toned the top and bottom piping and footer with an ebony lacquer. All other wood got a simple (almost clear) maple stain. All of it was conditioned with grain filler and sander sealer. We then finished the entire cabinet with a flat matte lacquer. This makes the original multi-colored veneers pop. While it was stripped, we replaced faux paper finish on speaker slats and at great time and expense replace them with real elm burl Carpathian wood edge banding.

Dial – The very stylish black dial with its white propeller pointer is quite an impressive sight - especially in a dim or dark room. The dial glass is free & clear of any chips, breaks or cracks and we replaced the rubber gasket . The surrounding brass escutcheon is in great shape.

It now plays stations well across the dial with its “Wave Magnet” antenna. All tubes were checked and replaced where needed with NOS (new old stock) tubes.

The green Magic Eye tuning tube was in great shape and it is bright and works well. We disassembled and lubricated the main tuning capacitor and flywheel tuning mechanism for smooth tuning operation.

Band Frequency Ranges:
AM Broadcast Band..............530 – 1600 kHz
Shortwave Band 1……………….1.6 – 5.5 MHz
Shortwave Band 2……………….5.5 – 18.5 MHz

Dimensions: 28.5” W x 41.5” H x 15.8" D
Weight: 55 pounds

PLEASE NOTE: This set is located in Sugar Grove, Illinois and can be picked up there.
Payment must be received BEFORE pickup or delivery is scheduled.

Pick-up only on this radio. I can, however, hold it for you while you obtain shipping via either a courier, antique movers, or UShip, which seems to be the lowest cost.


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