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Zenith 1939/1940 Tuning Radio Knob

Zenith 1939/1940 Tuning Radio Knob

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You will need to add set screw


Made of Nylon so it can be stained like Nylon fabric using a product like Rit dye to achieve an aged effect.

models: 6J436, 6J463, 7J323, 7J328, 7S323, 7S363, 7S364, 7S366, 7S367, 7S368, 7S369, 7S370, 7S371, 7S372, 7S373, 8S359, 8S440, 8S443, 8S451, 8S463, 10S452, 10S464, 10S470, 10S491, 12S371, 12S470, 12S471, 12S474, 12S475, 12S479, 12S491, 12s492, 12S494, 15S372, 15S469

Note:  You will need to tap the hole and  add set screws.    If this is needed please contact us. 

Dimensions: 1.45 " Diameter by 0.7 " , 1/4" hole



 WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -


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