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Renovated Radio

Zenith Radio 10-S-156

Zenith Radio 10-S-156

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Zenith Radio 10-S-156 3-Band Black Dial tube console

 A nice vintage Zenith radio model 10-S-156 from 1937.

Zenith made some great radios and 1937 was a good year for them. The 10-S series had some good features for its day.

The dial lights up brilliantly, and it has a "bull's-eye" tuner that indicates signal strength with a black dot in a series of concentric circles.

It picks up AM, short-wave, and police/amateur/aviation bands.

The police and aviation bands aren't used anymore, but you can still pick up many short-wave stations from all over the world (depending on your antenna of course).

The cabinet was stripped down to the original patina, re-stained, and various shades of Mohawk toner were applied. It was then given several coats of nitro-cellulose lacquer. 



The radio is 42.5 x 25 x 14 inches, and approximately 70 pounds.


 If you’ve always wanted one of these but despaired that you’d never find one – much less one in such exquisite condition, and expertly restored – this is your lucky day. I doubt you’ll ever come across another one like it.


PLEASE NOTE: This set is located in Sugar Grove, Illinois and can be picked up there.

Payment must be received BEFORE pickup or delivery is scheduled.

 It measures 42.5”h x 27”w x 15.5”d, and absolutely commands attention wherever you put it – and that’s before you turn it on!   It weighs 57 lbs.

Pick-up only on this radio. I can, however, hold it for you while you obtain shipping via either a courier, antique movers, or UShip, which seems to be the lowest cost.

Disclaimer: Because the radio itself, and the mechanical features (dials and dial related parts, push buttons, as well as tubes, etc.) are over 80 years old, I cannot guarantee their functionality. Everything will work, however, when I ship it, unless otherwise specified. But any future malfunctions or failures are beyond my control. As such, I can only guarantee that the radio worked before it was shipped. No other guarantee applies, and no refunds will be given.


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