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Zenith Stratosphere Dial Pointer Reproduction

Zenith Stratosphere Dial Pointer Reproduction

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Thanks to the California Historical Radio Society we were able to reproduce the 1935 Zenith Stratosphere Dial Pointer.

This pointer  has one of the largest  Z's of all of the dial pointers available in the 1930's.


It has be tapped with 4-36 thread with a brass screw that has a slightly tapered hole.   

With finish sanding & cleaning  the steel is ready to accept the paint to match match the original.   


We made this from 0.05 inch carbon steel measuring 5.25 inches by 1.1 inches.  


Used on a 1202 chassis, 12A58 , 12L58, 12L57, 12L58, a2A57, 1202A, 1601, 16A61, !6A63, Stratosphere, Baby Stratosphere


Please contact us if you have radio dial pointer or clock dial hands to be reproduced of if you  want to create a custom pointer with your own unique design.     We can make it from almost any material and dimensions.    




 WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -


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