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Guitar Pedal Foot Switch

Guitar Pedal Foot Switch

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Guitar Effect Pedal 3PDT Footswitch 9 Pin Latching Stomp Push Button Foot Switch



  • This 3PDT Footswitch is the most popular one, nearly all boutique guitar effect pedals are built upon.
  • Spec: Triple pole Double Throw 9 pin Latching with solder lugs. 6A 125VAC/4A 30VDC Rating.
  • 3PDT switch for true bypass switching. This Stomp Push button also can be used as 2 pole, just leave 3 of the pins disconnected.
  • The Ring Epoxy and PA66 plastic housing make the foot switch with high quality and temperature.
  • Application: Widely used on Effect pedals, amplifiers and so other Music Equipments.

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