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Knurled Brass Cabinet Knobs

Knurled Brass Cabinet Knobs

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Long-Lasting Charm for Your Furniture!

Elevate the aesthetic of your furniture with our Knurled Brass Cabinet Knobs. The timeless design, coupled with the elegance of knurled brass, transforms ordinary furniture into extraordinary statements of style. It is great for both form and function, these knobs are the epitome of understated luxury.

Adorn your cabinets and drawers with the brilliance of Gold-plated Knurled Knobs. The gold finish adds a touch of opulence to your furniture, making them not just functional accessories but also exquisite pieces of decor. Transform your kitchen, dresser, or wardrobe with this luxurious and sophisticated touch. These knobs complement various furniture styles. Whether you're updating your kitchen cabinets, revamping a dresser, or adding a touch of elegance to your wardrobe, these handles fit seamlessly into any setting.

Crafted with precision and quality in mind, our Knurled Brass Knobs are built to last. The durable construction ensures that these handles not only look exquisite but also withstand the test of time. Invest in furniture accessories that exude charm and maintain their brilliance through the years.


  • Made of high-quality material, it is more durable. 
  • It has a more texture than ordinary brass handles and is very luxurious.
  • There are options in gold, black, bronze, and silver, and customization in different sizes and colors is also welcome.
  • It is the best for your kitchen cabinets, bathroom vanity, or bedroom dressers, these round rod knobs provide a versatile touch of elegance.


  • Material: brass 
  • Color: gold brass
  • Diameter: 22mm, 30mm
  • Height:25mm
  • Surface treatment: knurled
  • Finished: brass
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