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Zenith Radio 1936 / 1937 Wood Knob Set

Zenith Radio 1936 / 1937 Wood Knob Set

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Big River Hardware creates this Hand turned, solid Illinois black walnut radio 5S119 knob set.

Measures about 1 -3/8 inch diameter and 3/4 inch tall.

They have been sanded and finished with a French polish. Each knob comes with a half moon / Circle D Steel spring fastener which fits a 1/4 inch flattened shaft common in Zenith Radios.

Contains 4 knobs

1 Pinch

1 Pointer

2 Round 


Used on many 1936 and 1937 Zeniths.

These style knobs were used on these sets :


1936 models: 6s27, 6s52, 6v27, 5S29, 5S56, 5S151, 6S27, 6S52, 6V27, 6V62, 7S53, 9S54

1937 models: 7D119, 7D127, 7D138, 7D148, 7D126, 5S119, 5S126, 5S127, 5S150, 5S161

 For the pinch knob:  

I have found 4 different variations of this knob. They all are shaped the same, but point in different directions. In order to make sure you have a knob that points the correct direction for your radio, I'm selling the knob with a metal insert that is not fixed to the knob. Push the knob onto your shaft, rotate the knob as far as it goes one way or the other so it will point to the band marks on your cabinet correctly. When you are confident that it is correctly oriented, pull the knob off and glue the metal insert in place with Super Glue.



Contact us if you want another type of POT fastener for your electric guitar, tube amp or Fuzz box. Quantity 1 Material : Black Walnut Natural walnut color and grain pattern may vary from the photo Send us a photo if you need a custom knob made . We carry a variety of Illinois hardwoods and can carve any design, logo or letter.



 WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -






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