Antique Radio Repair

At Big River Hardware we carry a wide selection of hard to find parts and accessories from the 1920 through the early 1960's  for all of your antique radio repair need.

During the analog era of vacuum tube we  specialize in hard to find custom made wood knob, grill cloth, capacitors .

Our parts are perfect for battery sets, cathedrals, tombstones, consoles, and catalin and bakelite table radios.

We produce reproduction wood knobs and parts perfect for RCA, Philco, General Electric and Zenith to name just a few. 

Although most of the vintage radios of the vacuum tube era have long since vanished, many still remain as "living" examples of the quality and charm of products from this nostalgic period.

At Big River Hardware we strive to deliver hard to find parts for your antique radio repair needs.